Michael Johansen
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How I got to where I am today 

During my work related life, I have developed skills in almost all areas regarding the construction industry. I started as a young “apprentice” in my father’s company where the working task where covering renovation of buildings combined with developing of new houses. I started in my father’s company shortly after my education as sales assistant ended, the duration of my first education where 3,5 years.

Before I started my Bachelor of Architectural technologist and Construction management, I have been working as carpenter/Aluminium Carpenter several places in Denmark and Norway. However, one of my first and biggest projects was located in Norway (Holmenkollen).

Here I learned quickly to adapt architectural drawings to engineers drawings since the foundation plan had other measurements than the plan drawings given from the architéct. However, the situation has helped me to improvises during the construction phase and adapt to the construction.  I personally believe that this is the best way to learn construction.




Title:             Architectural technology & Construction Management (Description)

Level:            Bachelor degree – Duration 3,5 years

Location;   DK Copenhagen school of design and technology / AU RMIT University Melbourne

During my education as a Constructing Architect, I have had the privilege to study one semester at RMIT University in Melbourne.  The elective, which I have chosen during my education, was Construction management. The education was international, so all terms regarding construction were developed. Furthermore, I have been introduced to BIM, Revit, MS Project & much more programs. An average of the marks given during this education was 12(A).

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Title:              Sales Assistant DIY market, tools, fittings and materials. (10-4 Spjald)

Level:            College and apprenticeship – Duration 3.5 years

Location       Holstebro College


Level:            Elementary School 1-10th Grade